A Festschrift for Moi??? A Very Nice Surprise


Festschrift is the German word for 'celebratory writing', and usually refers to a collection of essays done in honor or memory of one's colleague or friend or Doctor Father who has made some noteworthy contribution to their particular academic discipline. Usually, such an honor happens at or after a person retires, and definitely after their body of work has been assessed and has had affect. Usually, as well this is a surprise honor pulled off by former doctoral students wanting to honor their … [Read more...]

A Moss on a Roll Gathers no Stones—- ‘The Myth of Persecution’


Harper One is especially good at publishing books that can be called 'provocations' or 'pot-stirrers', or 'debunkers'. Candida Moss' recent volume with the deliberately provocative title 'The Myth of Persecution' is such a book. At heart, the root of her concern is exaggeration, hyperbole in the accounts of martyrdoms, and perhaps the possible 'persecution' complex of various of the earliest Christian writers. In response to this she has trotted out what has become a somewhat standard lament, … [Read more...]

Clues to Understanding the Book of Revelation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3CP4gE8Jt8 … [Read more...]

The New Sherlock Season Lurks….

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llGXWICGsD4&feature=youtu.be … [Read more...]

About those Teaching Methods!!


Since school is about to commence, this meditation of methodology seemed timely!(Please note this is a copyrighted image. One is allowed to share this on Facebook, email it, or print it, but not use it without attribution to the website creator at www.phdcomics.com). … [Read more...]

‘Passages’ through the Red Rocks of Colorado Springs


Dr. Jerry Pattengale kindly asked me to give a lecture this summer at "the Passages living-history attraction in Colorado Springs. The lecture was on 'Did the Canon Misfire?' (on which see my books The Living Word of God, What's in a Word, and the Gospel Code). While there, I got to spend a little time at the beautiful Garden of the Gods club overlooking the formations of the same name. Here are some shots of the scene, and also of Glen Eyrie which is near by (also near by is Nav Press and … [Read more...]

Retrenchment on the Jehoash Tablet—- the IAA Says… ‘On Further Review…..


EXCLUSIVEBy MATTHEW KALMAN"JERUSALEM, August 1 - In a stunning about-turn, after losing a 10-year legal effort to prove that an Israeli antiquities collector faked an inscription from Solomon’s Temple, Israel’s deputy state attorney begged the high court in Jerusalem on Wednesday to allow the Israeli government to keep the artifact on the grounds that it is “an antiquity.”Oded Golan, the Israeli antiquities collector who was acquitted of forging the Jehoash Tablet after a seven-year c … [Read more...]

What Millenials Want from Church— Substance not Form!


There was a nice piece by Rachel Held Evans on the CNN 'faith' page recently. Here is some of what she said. I think she's essentially right about all this. http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2013/07/27/why-millennials-are-leaving-the-church/?hpt=hp_c3"I point to research that shows young evangelicals often feel they have to choose between their intellectual integrity and their faith, between science and Christianity, between compassion and holiness.I talk about how the evangelical … [Read more...]

Abortion—- What Should a Christian Think about this Issue?


Personal ethical issues like abortion are complex issues. They ought not to be decided by cliches or self-justifying dictums of various sorts, just in case the life of someone in somebody's womb just happens to be a human being, and not merely a fetus.Let's talk the pie chart above for a moment. What it shows is that in America at least, very few instances of abortion are cases where the mother of the child's life is actually in danger in any way--- perhaps 3% or so of all cases in a … [Read more...]