Lindsey Davis’ The Ides of April

Caveat Emptor, or in this case Caveat Lector. I should have known better. There were some negative reviews of this first Flavia Albia detective story. One reviewer on Amazon complained that the writing didn't seem like the writing of Lindsey Davis. Balogna and I don't mean the city named that in Italia!! The writing in this novel is good, and displays the same style and wit as her other earlier novels. Another writer complained that Flavia Albia is portrayed as a femi-nazi. A whole pound … [Read more...]

The ‘oikonomos’ of the city (Rom. 16.23). What was his job?

One of the more important issues in regard to personalia in the NT, is who exactly was this Erastos mentioned in Rom. 16.23 and what was his job. He appears to be a convert to the new faith, presumably via Paul, and he lives in Corinth or one of its seaports, where Paul is currently residing. He is probably the same person mentioned in the famous inscription 'Erastus pro aedilite S.V. stravit' found in front of the stadium in Corinth (I'm not buying the recent theory that the stone was moved to … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day– CKB on Preaching

There is a difference between a sermon, on the one hand, and a lecture or essay on the other. A sermon is not simply a public address on a religious subject; it is not simply an exposition of a passage of Scripture. It is these things, yet if really is a sermon and not a lecture, it is something else too. It is a means by which God himself speaks to us. This is not an event the preacher can command or arrange. It is independent of his learning, his eloquence, his enthusiasm. But it does happen, … [Read more...]

The Seven Sign Narratives in John’s Gospel … [Read more...]

Nero Redivivus

Here is an excellent recent post by my friend Larry Hurtado which deserves a further hearing. He is not enamored of the 'history revisionists' and neither am I when it comes to early Christian larryhurtadoA recent article mounts a “full-on” challenge to the widely-accepted report of a Neronian pogrom against Christians in Rome in 64 AD, after the fire that destroyed a goodly part of Rome: Brent D. Shaw, “The Myth of the Neronian Persecution,” Journal of Roman Studies 105 (2 … [Read more...]

The Events Surrounding the Birth of Jesus

We are now in the season of Christmas for the Orthodox Church, and so it will be appropriate to have some reflections on the events surrounding Jesus' birth, somewhere around 4 B.C. or a bit before. Here is a helpful column by my friend Philip Jenkins for your perusal....The Year Jesus Was Born December 11, 2015 by Philip Jenkins 5 CommentsScholars differ on the exact birthdate of Jesus of Nazareth, though a fair consensus holds that it was not in the year 1. Many favor a date in or … [Read more...]

Howard Marshall on Biblical Interpretation

By now, most folk will know that Howard Marshall has gone to be with the Lord a month ago. The following is a lecture by I.H. Marshall given at Acadia University where I taught last summer on hermeneutics or the art of Biblical Interpretation. Howard was a good friend of mine,and like myself, an Evangelical Methodist. At one point he asked me if I would consider applying for the post he was retiring from at Aberdeen. I told him my family probably didn't have the Scottish fortitude to live in … [Read more...]

How to Turn January into a Thriller

Here's a very nice deal for six of the seven of our archaeological thrillers, courtesy of LOGOS (contact Collected Fiction of Ben and Ann Witherington (6 vols.) The Collected Fiction of Ben and Ann Witherington (6 vols.) Regular price: $99.99 Pre-Pub: $39.99"Join Ben Witherington as he combines real-life scholarship and breathtaking adventure. Immerse yourself in the world of Archaeologist Art West as he embarks on adventures that lead to … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolution III– Don’t have a Devil of a Time

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