What Can Be Left Behind?


Every time I look at this photo, I think of Cat Steven's song 'Moonshadow'--- 'and if I ever lose my legs, I won't moan, and I won't beg....'. It's a song about a person who loses various limbs, and how they are still a person after that happens. The 'I' still exists after the loss of that particular body part.Take a good long look at this picture. It's a picture of someone leaving their artificial legs behind, as they go swimming. Is the person without the legs somehow less than a … [Read more...]

Jesus Gets a Website


I am passing on here the same notice my friend Larry Hurtado mentioned a while back, notice that is of a new blog-site devoted to "historical Jesus" issues and managed by two young-and-coming scholars, Dr. Anthony LeDonne and Prof. Chris Keith: http://historicaljesusresearch.blogspot.co.uk/ … [Read more...]

Oldies but Goodies— Films from the Past No. 1

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Certainly one of my favorite actors of the 1960s-70s and even later was Richard Harris, especially to be remembered for his role as King Arthur in Camelot (the musical). He was also a sometime singer (most famous for his rendition of the Jimmy Webb tune MacArthur Park), but he was a better actor than a singer. What is less well known is that he did a series of Westerns, one of which is particularly worth comment--- Man in the Wilderness (1971) [and kudos to Steve White for the tip on this … [Read more...]

More on a Polite Bribe— the Article in the Lexington Paper


Here is a link to an article that just appeared in the Lexington-Herald Leader by Rich Copley. http://www.kentucky.com/2012/10/06/2361867/rich-copley-asbury-professor-featured.htmlTwo things about this article: 1) I don't teach at Asbury University (my wife does); 2) It is the view of Robert Orlando that "To put it literally, it was Paul saying, if you're Jewish, you can follow Jesus because you're a Jew. You have a birthright to do it. But if you were a Gentile, you had to pay a fee, an … [Read more...]

A Not so Dry Martini

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Ann and I had the pleasure of having dinner one night in Milan at the SNTS meeting at the bishop's palace not quite 20 years ago. We were the guests of Cardinal Martini, as was the rest of the several hundred members of the SNTS. We were served in the spacious courtyard of the bishop's palace by waiters wearing tuxedos, and the hospitality could hardly have been more grand. It was one of the more memorable evenings ever at the SNTS meetings that I have attended. Below you will find Larry … [Read more...]

The Atheistic Philosophy of Ayn Rand– the Donahue Interview

One of the more remarkable aspects of the current political season is the love affair of the conservative right with the Randian economic and political philosophy of 'unfettered, unregulated capitalism and the virtues of selfishness' somehow welded to the chassis of Christian conservatism and 'family values' by Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and others. Whatever you think of that 'unholy alliance' here is an interview that makes very clear what Ayn Rand thought about God, altruism, and … [Read more...]

Language Games


The English language is confusing enough because it is not a gender inflected language. Worse still, it has various words that can be nouns and verbs or that can be used in entirely different ways with the same spelling. For example,Be still. I still have a still in the backyard. Or While I row there's a row in the third row. Or Love, I love the love.So here is your challenge for today---- what English words can you come up with that can mean three different things and be used … [Read more...]

More from the Paul Film a Polite Bribe

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This film will be shown in Lexington Kentucky on Thursday night October 11th at the Regal Cinema (Hamburg Place) at 7 p.m. I and the producer Robert Orlando will be doing a Q+A afterwards. Ya'll Come. … [Read more...]

The Long Journey of a Christian Pacifist

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It has been said that ‘life is strange, and then you die’. There is some truth to that aphorism. I am 60 now and I've seen a lot of life. Some of the strangeness comes from one’s individual life experiences. Consider my childhood. I grew up in High Point N.C. playing Civil War soldiers with my Jewish girl friends down the street. I read books about the Civil War (ranging from Classics Illustrated to Bruce Catton, when I got older). I went through the Pictorial History of the Confederacy m … [Read more...]