Judgment Has Begun on the House of God, Learn from the Duggars

For the last eight days many Christians have been joining Anne Graham Lotz in praying for America and calling out to God in a MayDay MayDay call for prayer.  One of the reasons that Lotz has called for this MayDay prayer is because she believes that the return of Christ is near and that God is close to judging America.

I find it interesting that in the last few days, as this prayer event has been taking place, that God has allowed two Christian leaders to be exposed for sexual sin.  Earlier this week we saw the Reverend Matt Makela exposed for his ungodly behavior on the homosexual dating site Grindr.  Reverend Makela is described as an “anti-gay” pastor who has preached on the sins of homosexuality and stood for traditional marriage.  He has five children and a wife who he has betrayed and put to public shame and scrutiny because of his sin.  He resigned from his position at St. John’s Lutheran Church after he was exposed.

Next we have the bombshell revelation about the eldest son of Jim Bob Duggar being exposed for his past sins of molesting his siblings when he was fourteen years old.  Not only is Josh Duggar being exposed for committing these felonies, but Jim Bob Duggar and his wife are being exposed for not reporting these crimes to the police for over a year when they knew what was going on.  To make matters worse, the actual officer they reported Josh’s crimes to, is now serving time in prison for possession of child pornography.

Judgment begins with the house of God.

In 2012 we saw Tom White from The Voice of the Martyrs who was under investigation for molesting a ten year old girl.  White was touted as a hero of the faith because he spent much time in prison as a persecuted Christian.  He also served over 30 years with The Voice of the Martyrs and had access to many children in nations where sex trafficking is a huge problem.  However, unlike Makela and Duggar, Tom White decided to commit suicide on the campus of The Voice of the Martyrs instead of take personal responsibility and go through the investigation.  This story was also largely spiked by Christian media and at the time I was the editor of the Persecution Blog, a job I held for 8 years, and I was instructed to not report on the scandal.

Judgment begins with the house of God.

Before the scandal with Tom White we saw the popular Colorado Pastor, Ted Haggard, fall from his place of grace in the evangelical world, after he boldly preached that if he had any sins, he would be found out.  God answered his prayer because after that sermon, Haggard was exposed for his homosexual behavior and drug possession.

Judgment begins with the house of God.

I have heard for years from Christian leaders that we need to be praying for revival and that we need to repent as a nation.  Yet, oddly, what I have seen in Christian media is that most of the time, the big name Christian media doesn’t report on stories like I’ve mentioned above.  I could name a few radio talk show hosts that I know personally that didn’t report on Tom White’s suicide or molestation accusations, and I can guarantee that they won’t touch the current Duggar controversy because they have had the Duggars on their show and praised them as the perfect example of Christianity.  Those radio hosts need to repent and stop covering up the sins of the church.

Judgment is falling on the house of God and as I’ve heard Joel Rosenberg and Anne Graham Lotz say many times, if you have secret sin you’re doing, you’d better stop before you’re exposed.  It’s time to REPENT and change your direction and turn out to God.

The wonderful thing about the gospel of Jesus Christ is that when we actually DO repent, God is merciful and longsuffering and loving and kind and He offers restoration.  I don’t expect an unregenerate heart to understand how the God the scripture loves and accepts sinners and gives forgiveness, but that is the wonderful thing about Christ, He does forgive those who truly repent.

As for what I think about Josh Duggar and this current scandal.  I think there needs to be an investigation into his life.  I’m glad he resigned from The Family Research Council, but given his parent’s bad choices and their sin in covering up his crimes for over a year.  I say they can’t be trusted.  It may be the merciful thing for this family to get out of the public eye and start living their lives privately like the majority of the people.

It’s bad enough we now have Stephen Collins as the Reverend Camden reminding us on 7th Heaven that he’s an actual child molester.  But to have a whole family of people who epitomize hypocrisy and represent followers of Jesus Christ on TV….sorry, they don’t speak for me.

Truth in disclosure here, I was molested for most of my childhood and the first person I told I was molested was a pastor of a church, who did nothing.  When adults don’t protect their children, they don’t need to be exalted in the media as examples of who Jesus is.  They need to be removed.

Be careful how you act, because rest assured, judgment has begun on the house of God.

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