During his 27-year career at Southwest Airlines, Dave Ridley has served as SVP Chief Marketing Officer; SVP People and Leadership Development; SVP Business Development; and VP of Ground (Airport) Operations. Dave retired earlier this year but he retains an office at Southwest and serves as Senior Advisor to the CEO. He also provides keynote presentations about lessons he has learned about building a world-class brand that’s based on excellent service — the type of leadership required to make it happen and the… Read more

I reconnected with Chris Jordan a while ago, founder and “Chief Steward” of Electro Acoustics in Fort Worth. Chris is passionate about creating audio and visual perfection in landmark venues across Texas. He’s also passionate about building a business that glorifies God. Chris challenged me and a group of pastors and business leaders to pray a simple prayer for the next 45 days: “Father, create a movement among business leaders in DFW that would bring men and women to Jesus,… Read more

If you’ve ever been part of a church fund-raising campaign, you’ve likely heard the name R.G. LeTourneau. His story of giving is the stuff capital-campaigns are made of. However, the story of why he and his wife Evelyn chose to give away 90 percent of their wealth–and the life-changing decision that prompted it–is rarely told. LeTourneau was one of the more unlikely leaders of 20th century industry. From humble beginnings and a 7th grade education, he taught himself engineering and… Read more

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