Thanksgiving After Childbirth!

I am a father! My wife just gave birth to our son. I am so excited and don’t have a lot of energy to write tonight. I thought I would post the prayer I prayed just after he was born:

O God, Creator of life, You have again revealed Yourself in the beautiful mystery of birth;thank you for alleviating my wife’s pain and holding Your protecting hand over her durring delivery. Thank You for Your mercy; it was Your power that persevered here, Your goodness that delivered her, Your hand that supported us both.

You have lent us this precious child for our comfort and Joy; give us grace to cherish him. Take us and this child into Your tender mercy, and keep us always safe with You. Defend him from all dangers of Body and soul, delivering him safely to the waters of his Baptism, where he will recive the righoutousness of Your Son, Jesus, and become Your beloved child; through Jesus Christ.


#124 in The Lutheran Book Of Prayer 

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  • s-p

    Glory to God for new life. Peace be to you and your house.

  • Billy Kangas

    Thanks Steve! Do you have any wisdom on how to be a good dad?

  • Tim

    Glory be to God! Congratulations Billy! Many years to this wonderful boy!

  • Anonymous

    An earring? Are you homosexual or a slave?

  • Billy Kangas

    A slave to Christ…