11 Ways Pope Francis has already redefined the Papacy

Does anyone else feel like this Pope is redefining what you thought was possible for a pope to look like? This pope seems to be the real deal. I am amazed at the way that every day he surprises me with another example of humility and a pastoral heart.

Already he has done so many things that turn my head…. here are 11:

  1. Taking public transit as a Cardinal and choosing to leave the conclave in the bus too
  2. Taking care of his own business over & over & over
  3. Refusing the grandeur of the Papal palace
  4. His new choice of humble vestments
  5. His willingness to get down with the people
  6. His repeated identification of himself as the Bishop of Rome rather than the Pope
  7. His practice of “popping in” places unexpectedly
  8. This small private liturgy Holy Thursday Liturgy with a few of the marginalized in his dioceses
  9. His choice of a name, so that he will remember the poor.
  10. His concerns about environmentalism 
  11. And then there’s this

EDIT: A number of people seem to have misunderstood me. Here are a few points to clarify this list.

  1. This article asks if Francis is redefining what you thought was possible for a pope to look like… not the nature of the papacy
  2. Just because I see good in something different does not mean I find fault in the “old way.” Vestments for example can preach the Gospel both in their simplicity and in their complexity. I am thrilled that the church has room for both. I love Benedict for the gifts he brought to the papicy and I love Francis for the gifts he brings. Every member of the Body of Christ is different. Just because I praise God for an eye doesn’t mean I damn a toe for being a toe.
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