A List of the Most Awesome Sites for Theology Nerds

I am a theology nerd. I love to hear people talk about God, what they believe about God and why they believe it.  Yesterday I was excited to learn that this blog had made it onto the list of top Christian blogs (even though they spelled my name wrong, this was still very exciting).  I thought this was a great resource for people to use to find new and exciting places to talk about theology… It made me think, is there a list that I would give based on where I think the best theological conversations are going on?

I decided I would make one! So here is my list of The Best places online for theology nerds.

The list is made up of the places I think you can go to learn the most about a particular way of doing theology. There sites are not exclusively  Catholic, but they do help you really understand particular perspectives.

  1. Ancient Faith Radio – There is no place on the web that communicates the faith of a particular tradition better than Ancient Faith Radio, in my opinion. This page is without peer. It has the top names in the Eastern Orthodox world broadcasting their thought, it has in depth theological talk shows (check out the archives for Our Life in Christ  sometime), and it records all the most significant events where scholars present their theology. I love this page. My one caveat is that they don’t often present Catholicism well. A number of their contributors have a bit of a caricatured view of our theology, but even this opens up great avenues for conversation.  I can personally think of nearly a dozen people I know that have converted to Orthodoxy because of the work of this page. I can only imagine there are hundreds or even thousands of others who have had similar experiences.  Why doesn’t the Catholic Church have a resource like this?
  2. Homebrewed Christianity – Tripp Fuller and Bo Sanders are some of the biggest theology nerds out there. For years they have been interviewing top theologians and thinkers, as well as presenting their own thoughts on Christianity. This is, by far, the best resource for learning about progressive Christian theology. It’s fun, educational and engaging. I never miss an episode. Nothing gets me more pumped up than a “Theology Nerd Throw-down,” and noting gets me laughing quite as hard as a round of “oh contraire mon frère.” You should be warned that this page includes just about every kind of theology you can think of, take the wheat and leave the dross.
  3. Pirate Christian radio – I don’t agree with a great deal that is said on this page, but at least it is said well. This site is one of the best places where you can learn about Confessional Lutheran theology online. My personal favorite programs are Table Talk Radio (which is a theological game show) and the God Whisperers (for a great introduction to the Lutheran confessions check out their Early Archives, Bill Cwirla has an amazing ability to take Lutheran theology and present it in a way that is easy to understand and compelling, while Craig Donofrio brings a convert’s zeal and a wacky sense of fun that is disturbing yet compelling. ) A reader has also recommended Issues Etc. for great Confessional Lutheran Theology, as well as some great guests. Its another great show on Pirate Christian.
  4. Reddit.com/r/Christianity – this is truly the best place online to talk about faith. There is a great community here that I have participated in for the last 5 years. Some of the members have become friends and theological co-conspirators with me. It was out of this rag-tag group of folks that one of my latest projects “Theologues” was born (to be unveiled within the next month).
  5. YouTube (use with caution) – YouTube is both one of the best and one of the worst places for theological conversations. I spend WAY too much time there watching theological videos and the like. A few of my favorites areFr. Robert Barron , Jonathan Fisk, Truth Endures, Catholic News Service , IN Network, Catholic Answers , The LutheranSatire and The Veritas Forum.
  6. Patheos – this list would not be complete without mentioning my own home online. Patheos is a great space that hosts dozens of the best thinkers and theologians from nearly every tradition. I encourage you to take time some afternoon and look at all the blogs they host, particularly my fellow Catholic bloggers. These guys have become something of a family for me online, and I love them deeply.
  7. Unbelievable? –  (This was a suggestion from a reader that I agree 100%) – This UK theology show has guests come on a debate theology. It brings some of the best communicators and thinkers. I love it!

This list is in no means comprehensive. I would love to hear what page you would add to this list. Let me know in the comments below!

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