Book giveaway: The Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture

I am often asked for recommendations on Bible commentaries. Most often people want to have a resource to help them dig into the scriptures deeply, with an eye toward tradition and scholarship, and with a presentation that is accessible for those without a graduate degree in the Biblical Studies. The one I almost always recommend is the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. It’s a delight to read and those I have recommended it too have found it to be exactly what they hoped for.  I also love this series because it’s edited by my friend and mentor Peter Williamson, who was highly influential in my decision to join the Catholic Church.

Because of all of this I am thrilled to be able to offer a copy of the commentary to you all today through the generosity of Verbum (which I have previously written about as my favorite source for e-books and bible study tools). You can submit your name below in the “punch tap” entry form for a chance to win. Verbum has also thrown in a free copy of their “foundations package” altogether a $600 value.

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