Pope Francis: Tolkien Fan

I love The Lord of the Rings. I love the mythology, the lore, the songs, the poetry, the drama, the characters, the world, the races, the battles, the romance, the themes, and the style.

There are few things I love more than reading through a chapter of the story. LOTR is one of those books that I can open to any page and enjoy because I know the story so well. I have read through the book numerous times. I have adapted the story for my children. I love it!

Because I am such a Tolkien nerd, I was thrilled to learn today that out pontiff is also a fan of the book. I recently uncovered this excellent message to educators given when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires.

In 2008, Cardinal Bergolio (now Pope Francis) used Bilbo and Frodo as examples of human life. He pointed out that they illustrate the “drama of choice” that we all must endure. On the road of life we are often weary, but each step we take is a demonstration of hope conquering doubt.  Bilbo and Frodo inspire us with their great hope in the midst of a very human frailty and fatigue. They move forward. They choose the Good.

You can read the whole address here.

I love this image, and love the fact that our Pope wrote it. There is a certain bond I feel with all Tolkien nerds, and am glad my Papa is a member of that confraternity.

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