#ProjectCST – Social Justice and the Family Community

I’m excited to be tuning into the latest #ProjectCST webcast which is starting in just a few moments. (Apparently there were some technical difficulties, and the broadcast will be rescheduled).

If you’re not familure with it, #ProjectCST is a project aimed at helping connect Millenials to the rich tradition of Catholic Social Teachings, and seeks to equip them to live these principles out in their daily lives. I encourage you to watch the video… the stream is going live as I post this so if it’s still going you should know that you can text your own questions to  (773) 453-5257 and they will try to answer them live! I know I have a few I’d like to ask.

Unfortunately the technical difficulties  made tonight’s broadcast impossible… they are however encouraging individuals to post video of themselves speaking about how they Family and Community play a role in their justice work… I posted mine HERE. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Make your own video, and post it to instagram with the hashtag #ProjectCST.


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