A brief reflection on having a Dog…

Photo by Billy Kangas
Photo by Billy Kangas

Over the years I’ve heard a lot about importance of a dog in the life of a boy. Often these sentiments are followed by some comment about a dog’s unconditional love, friendship, loyalty or affection.These admirable traits so often possessed by our canine brethren are truly blessings and I for one am glad to have a dog in my life which provides an ample share of all these things.

However, this is not what I see as the Main advantage of having a dog alongside your children. A dog’s value is not so much and what he or she gives but instead what he or she receives. A dog teaches a child to love and honor other creatures.

Having a dog helps train a child not to be cruel to other creatures and to stand up against cruelty and disrespect for ALL life.

In a world where endanger the very existence of many species each day and sustain ourselves through factory farming which reduces an animal to simply the product it can produce, every reminder we can get about the dignity of life beyond our own is important. I’m so grateful for my dog in helping teach my children this important lesson.

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