About Billy Kangas


Welcome to The Orant. This is a blog I started over a decade ago while I was working in protestant ministry. For many years I worked in traditional church structures seeking to walk alongside people in their journey of faith. This was deeply impactful work for me personally but along the way I gradually felt the tug to leave the protestant ministry I was doing and to join the Catholic Church.

You can hear more about that journey here. Shortly after my move to the Catholic Church I was invited to join the Catholic Channel here.

I have been very happy with my life in the Catholic Church, but it has had it’s challenges. Chief among the challenges is re-calibrating my sense of calling. In the Catholic Church I could no-longer serve as a pastor. I am a married man with children and the Catholic Church limits the priesthood, under most circumstances, to single men. This has been both the greatest heartbreak and the greatest blessing in my own journey. It is the greatest heartbreak because I felt so strongly that God had called me to be a pastor. It is the greatest opportunity because I have been forced to explore what a pastoral call looks like for a lay person in the world.

In the intervening years I have perused this question in a lot of ways. Most recently I co-founded a non-profit coffee and taphouse in Ypsilanti called Cultivate. You can read more about that here. We created a great community space to serve the best quality beverages and we use all the profits to help support efforts to end hunger in the world. I hope you can visit sometime. I also actively travel sharing about life and faith and am working on finishing up a PhD in sacramental theology so that I can be more effective in thoughtfully engaging in my own work and helping others to develop a depth and spirituality to the work in their own life.

My greatest hope is that I can help to inspire and equip people to live life in greater service and greater love. Through your support I am able to continue to write, create art, and develop new opportunities for community.

A lot of the gifts I had serving as a pastor have been even more powerfully utilized as I have explored what it looks like to build communities outside of the traditional structures of the church. Life is filled with unexpected twists and turns, at least I know mine has been. I am glad that yours has led you to me. Thank you so much for your support I look forward to collaborating with you!


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