For Strength This Holy Week

Hildegard von Bingen

I had an unexpected encounter with the sacred this week.I had parked the car, and was preparing to get out, while finishing listening to a segment on the radio. My oldest son climbed up next to me and leaned over to be next to me. Looking down at the radio, he reached out and pushed the scan button. All we heard was static. He pressed it again and what I heard was beautiful: a beautiful performance of Hildegard von Bingen's O Ecclesia. It was a huge encouragement for me. A moment of holy … [Read more...]

An Essential Lesson from St. Francis for Life in the 21st Century


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Why I disagree with Taylor Marshall on Seder Meals


This week Taylor Marshall posted an article encouraging Catholics from refraining from attending Christian Seder meals. I am planning on attending a Seder this week so I took notice. I have been going to Christian Seder meals my whole life, even before I was Catholic, and they have formed my understanding of the sacrifice of Christ in deeply profound ways. I wanted to give Dr. Marshall a hearing so I read through the article. Although I deeply respect the perspective of Dr. Marshall I found that … [Read more...]

What’s your Myers-Briggs saint?

This week Church of the Ressurection, in Wheaton, IL posted a great little image saying: To help prepare you for worship during Holy Week, we offer this reflection on genuflection using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). If you don't know yours, you can take an unofficial version here. Each Holy Week personality is paired with a patron saint, so we can imitate them in our own unique, sacred pathways. Read the description for which services provide adoration opportunities that are the right … [Read more...]

Are Catholics Creationists?


Last week I had a chance to present a talk along with Paleontologist Michael Cherney. Michael gave his perspective as a Catholic and a Scientist and presented the reasons why he considers himself to be a “Darwinian” Christian. He believes in the theory of evolution as the best explanation for the biological diversity in the world today. He rejects Young Earth creation accounts that take the book of Genesis to be referring to 6 literal 24 hour periods of time, and date the earth to less than 10, … [Read more...]

Eastern Orthodoxy and the Pope: Latin Perspectives

pope perspectives

This article is the third and final instalment in my series on reconciling the papacy between east and west. You can read the first post that offers and overview of the history of the papacy in relationship to the East here. You can read the second installment that goes over Eastern perspectives on paths to unity here. I hope you will leave any feedback you have on this project in the comments section below.---------------------------------------------------------------The west has … [Read more...]

Ending Hunger: A Brief Bibliography

Ending Hunger

Lent is a time of year that we devote to prayer, fasting and alms. It reminds us of the justice of God and calls us to live out God's love and justice to the neighbors around us. As many of you know the major justice issue I focus on is hunger. I view the world though "bread colored lenses." I think Lent offers a great opportunity to take some time to learn and act about issues of justice that we are passionate about. Since I am passionate about hunger I thought I would offer you a few resources … [Read more...]

Lent: A Window to Salvation


This morning my 4 year old son and I were getting ready for the day and I told him it was Thursday. He reminded me it wasn't just a Thursday, it was a day to get ready for Easter and that made it special. I smiled and and told him he was right. Today was a special day, and that ever day was going to be special for the next 40 days (give or take a few Sundays).He asked me how long it took to count to 40. I then counted to 40 for him.That's a lot of days he said.Each one is special I re … [Read more...]

Eastern Orthodoxy and the Pope: Eastern Perspectives

pope perspectives

We recently began a series exploring the relationship between the Pope and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. In the first article I laid out a brief history of the relationship between the East and the Pope. In this entry I would like to turn my attention to contemporary Eastern Orthodox perspectives on the issue. Recent theologians in the Orthodox Church have offered substantial insights into paths for unity with the Catholic Church on the subject of the Papacy. Taking the time to examine the … [Read more...]