In Memoriam | Chrissy Burns

A dear friend of mine passed away this weekend. Over the last few years Chrissy Burns spend a good deal of her Sunday afternoons at my parents home with what we called the "Brunch Bunch" it was essentially a bunch of people who had gradually managed to make it into our family. We would all get together and eat and laugh. Chrissy was always a one of the main reasons we were laughing.Chrissy you will be dearly missed. … [Read more...]

This week’s prayer for my son

Now that I am a father I thought I might give you updates on my prayer life with my son. So far it's been awesome. He wakes me up early and we go pray while him Mom is asleep. I have something called a moby wrap which I wrap him up in and he curls up comfortably while I pray. He likes the Treasury of Daily Prayer, and the Liturgy of the Hours a lot since I chant and sing a good deal of my prayers in those books.For those of you who have kids I would love recommendations on how you kept God at … [Read more...]

Living in Tension: Tony Campolo

I ran into this video via a friend from seminary here at North Park who is working for the Marin Foundation who hosted this session a couple weeks ago. The Marin foundation is a organization that is working for the re-humanization of the LGBT communityI thought it was very good. I have always had trouble finding my voice on this issue. As one of our readers recently told me "The way the churches have joined and even provided the rhetoric for the 'right wing agenda' has now put it in the place … [Read more...]

End the Hate

[Read more...]

Saints of the Week: the North American Martyrs

This week had so many great saints it was hard to choose. The week started out with the feast of St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, whose importance can't be underscored enough. The church also remembers  Saint Luke, the Evangelist who wrote the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. The Eastern Church also remembers one of the coolest sounding saints I have ever run into this week: Averkios, Equal-to-the-Apostles and Wonderworker of Hierapolis, who is known for tearing down idols and … [Read more...]

St. Cyprian on infant baptism

 I am a big proponent of infant baptism. I know many of our readers are not. Since my first child was born last week I thought this week would be a good one to highlight this quote by St. Cyprian and hopefully engage in conversation with anyone who would like to talk about the issue. Let me know what you think"In respect of the case of infants, which you say ought not to be baptized within the second or third day after birth, and that the law of ancient circumcision … [Read more...]

The Doctrine of Sin (and why it’s good news)

Sin is a difficult issue to discuss because for most people it is a difficult thing to define. For many people sin is simply doing what is wrong. For others the donation of something as "wrong" is even a little irksome to them; sin in these cases is often defined as a transgression of certain laws, cultural norms, or taboos. If we see sin as transgression than the debate begins to swirl around the qualifiers of sin. People begin to ask questions like, "is  abortion wrong? is an active … [Read more...]

Courtship into Consummation: Erotic Poetry and Theosis

One of the most controversial and confusing books in the Bible is the Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon as it is often called.This book is a poem that shows the Movement of a woman and a man in courtship that moves into consummation.One could argue the Missio Dei is also an example of this movement. I think this is the reason that this book has often been used analogously to the life of God to his people.If we just look at the first five chapters there is a wealth of poetic imagery that could be … [Read more...]

Persons of Scripture: Hosea

The Book of Hosea recorded the oracles of a prophet named Hosea in the land of Israel just before Israel is conquered and crushed by the Assyrian armies. In the early chapters we find that Hosea proclaims his message not just by speaking, but through a prophetic action.God tells Hosea to marry a prostitute, and he does. Her name is Gomer.This becomes the backdrop for the messages that are recorded in the book. Hosea seeks out Gomer and tries to keep her from going out and sleeping with other … [Read more...]