Monasticism & Constantine: Martin Klauber

Martin Klauber, an affiliate professor of Church History at Trinity is teaching my Class on Church history at North Park this year.A couple of my classmates missed the lecture this tuesday so I told them I would post it...Note: The recorder ran out of room midway through part to... I can panta-mime if for you later if you wantDOWNLOAD HEREListen in if you want. … [Read more...]

The Bible, The elephent and the Lamb

Anyone have any other thoughts or illustrations? … [Read more...]

100% Pro-Life

Without really lookingI found this todayWhat's it mean to be 100% … [Read more...]

NEW SONG: Greek vocab – William Mounce Week 9

Hey Guys and Gals I wrote another song for my Greek Class this one is to help me learn the vocab for "Week Nine" in Bill Mounce's Basics of Biblical Geek! I have transliterated the greek in the Lyrics below! DOWNLOAD NOWorTake a listen!A-ga-thos means good or usefulKa-kos means bad or evilDou-las means slave or servantPon-AY-ros is also evilEye-o-ni-os means eternalEn-ta-lay means commandmentWhat's Emos? It means My or MineWhat's Emay? It means My or MineWhat's Emon? It means My or MineWhat's … [Read more...]

N.T. Wright on the Authority of Scripture

The word of God is often spoken of analogically in the scriptures. It is undergoes a typification with a bouquet of images as powerful as they are varied. It is seen as a sword, gold, honey, and countless others. It is out of this tradition that N.T. Wright draws many of his illustrations in the book The Last Word. In this work Tom lays out a careful unpacking of a very loaded term used to describe scripture: authoritative. In his view the church as a “scripture reading community” is the tool by … [Read more...]

Perspectives on Baptism: St. Augustine

Some would argue Saint Augustine was the most important theologian in the history of the Church. His writings and teaching have earned him the title Doctor Gratiae in the Roman Church. One of his main contributions is his understanding of Baptism. Baptism had always been seen as something central to the Christian faith. It was seen as a way a person is born into the family of God. It was a sacrament in which a person entered fully into the unity of Christ and was made one with the church. It was … [Read more...]

A Mystic and A Philosopher Walk Into A Bar

My friend Charlie always talks about a tension he feels when he approaches the subject of God. He says there are two ways to go about it, and he never knows which one to take. On the one hand you can approach God from an intellectual approach. God can read about, and metaphysically evaluated. A person can interact with the philosophy of God, the history of Religion, analyze Sacred literature, or any number of countless intellectual pursuits surrounding this person or energy or force we call God. … [Read more...]

FYI – “Oldest Bible” DOES include resurrection

I was recently asked "How are Christians dealing with the resurrection not appearing in the Bible recently published online as the worlds oldest bible?"I thought you might be interested in my answer:I take it you are talking about the "codex sinaiticus" The resurrection does appear in all four gospels... However there is a part of mark that is "missing" this really isn't news. Most modern bibles note that some manuscripts don't include the end. The codex itself is something scholars have had … [Read more...]

Preaching – Part 2: Transformative preaching

Another form of preaching is called "Transformative Preaching." In this kind of preaching the focus is on Changing the hearts of the listeners. Ed Carey sets out "Seven Principles" to achieve the transformation in the heart of a hearer.I have paraphrased them below for you... What do you think?Transformative Preaching must...1) Transform the the pulpit before it can transform the pew2) Begin with soaking in prayer so the Word of God leads the communicator not vise versa3) Communicate effectively … [Read more...]