Coming To Terms With Burnout

I’m learning the hard way that the only step toward healing from burnout isn’t a step at all. It is letting go of taking step after step after step and taking the time to sit down and rest. Read more

Reclaiming Adultery?

What do you think? Has adultery always meant and will always mean cheating? Is there such a thing as consensual adultery? Could or should the term be reclaimed? Read more

Marrying My Housemate

Instead of rings, we exchanged stones. They were of different shapes and colors, but equal weight, and we each inscribed our stone with a sigil, representing what we bring to the relationship. Read more

8 Things I Love About Community Living

Damaging bubble wrap, labeling cutting boards, shadow work, interfaith diversity, surprise parties and personal growth junkies… What’s not to love about community? Read more

I Had Sex with a God

It was this I dreamed of. A coming together like I’d never known before. Last night’s dreams were powerful. I am almost certain that I dreamed true. They spoke of what could be mine, today, if I was willing. Read more

An Intuitive Paintbrush Banishing Ritual

I dip my paintbrush into the can of grey primer. “Manipulation!” I hiss as the paintbrush flies across the wall. A grainy grey streak is visible against the bright paint, going diagonally up from the height of my left knee to just above my right shoulder. I pause, then dip the brush back into the paint. Read more

Magically Managing Housemate Drama

Dealing with conflict isn’t easy, but managing housemate drama is much more difficult. What can you do when someone is unwilling to engage in any kind of conflict resolution? Read more

Dealing With Conflict In Community

Whether or not a community has conflicts, isn’t the question. Every community does. It’s taken me a long time to accept it, but the truth is that conflicts are a natural, inevitable part of community living. Read more

God Can Be A Narcissistic Sadist

One thing that has always been true of Evermore, however, is that we laugh a lot. Like, every day. Here’s a glimpse of what happens when religion nerds live together for too long, hang out too much, stay up too late, and discuss topics entirely too serious. Read more

My Complicated Relationship with Ostara, Easter, and Basil

I wanted to be done with religion. So I started a food business – and named it after a Pagan goddess and holiday. Read more

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