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I’m really looking forward to being part of Faith Forward’s 2014 gathering in Nashville, May 19-22 (more info at I get to join an inspiring line-up of speakers and contributors who are working together to inspire and resource innovation in ministry with children and youth–including Phyllis Tickle, Andrew Root, Ivy Beckwith, Dave Csinos, Romal Tune, Mike King, Anne Streaty Wimberly, Bonnie Miller-McLemore, Melvin Bray, and Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher.

For too long, Christians who are forging new kinds of Christianity have been relying on curricula and approaches for children that promote the same problematic structures that many of us as adults have come to question and move beyond. Faith Forward 2014 is an ideal gathering for leaders and parents who are looking for cutting-edge, holistic, and thoughtful ways to nurture faith in youth and children.

The leaders of Faith Forward are currently accepting proposals for leading breakout sessions at this gathering. If you’ve got an idea that you want to share, then submit a proposal at Submissions are due by February 15 — and if your breakout proposal is accepted, you’ll save $100 on registration.

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