How the Main-Stream Media Accidentally Made Pro-Life Arguments

China announced this week that they are changing their one-child policy to allow families to have two children.  And the change got widespread coverage from the main-stream media, most of whom are unabashedly pro-abortion. [Read more…]

ISIS Posts Pics of Children Holding Knives to Celebrate Jewish Stabbings

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.42.00 AM

I haven’t been this disgusted in quite a while. Continuing their love of shock and awe propaganda, ISIS posted pictures of children holding knives to celebrate killing Jews. [Read more…]

Feminists Say the Word “Too” is Sexist

So apparently the word “too” is sexist.  Who knew? [Read more…]

PHOTO: How to Deal with Stalkers


This sounds like something my brother would do to protect his sisters from creeps! [Read more…]

My Dining Room is Coming Along!

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Decorating… [Read more…]