20 Veterans a Day Commit Suicide. How Can We Help?

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Multiple studies say that around 20 veterans commit suicide a day. It’s been called an “epidemic.”

It’s sad and it’s not right. How can we help those who have already given the most for their country? [Read more…]

New Jersey Man Hasn’t Seen His Son in 6 Years. Why? He Used to Own Guns.

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Ever read one of those books about “100 strange but true laws”? I think New Jersey’s laws about owning guns should go at the top of that list. [Read more…]

Photos of the Duck Dynasty Family Visiting Wasilla


The Duck Dynasty guys have been in the news lately: [Read more…]

The Youngest Duck Dynasty Wife Speaks Out about Christians in the Life of Fame

Many Christians are suspicious of fame. It’s true that some people get attention and let it go to their head or change who they are. But it doesn’t have to be that way – and the Robertsons are a perfect example. [Read more…]

Woman Traveled from UK to US to Have an Abortion at 30 Weeks

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Why should our country be the abortion destination? [Read more…]