Who Are the Biggest Supporters of Limiting Abortion? Women!


Take that, Democrats! [Read more…]

Nicki Minaj Speaks Out About Her Abortion: “It has haunted me all my life”

Yesterday, I posted about Duck Dynasty wife Lisa Robertson who confessed she had an abortion which she’s regretted every day of her life.   I think it’s brave for women who have made the decision to have an abortion talk about it openly… it undermines the “abortion is no big deal” mantra that feminists have tried to shove down our throat.

In Rolling Stone magazine this month, rapper Nicki Minaj reveals that she also had an abortion.  “I thought I was going to die,” she said.  “It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. . . It has haunted me all my life.” [Read more…]

Adoptive Father Begs, Don’t Abort Babies With Down Syndrome: “They Will Bless Your Life”


Check out this great interview with Andy Lara, the adoptive father of a sweet girl named Sunflower Mae, who was born with Down Syndrome. Andy and his wife Mercedes purposely looked for a child with special needs to adopt, and he says Sunflower has filled their life with more joy than he could have imagined. [Read more…]

For Those of You Looking for a Certain Type of Man


Hipster style bearded man

This is hilarious, and actually could be useful for those of you who thought the whole “lumbersexual” thing was cool! [Read more…]

Duck Dynasty Wife Lisa Robertson Regrets Her Abortion Every Day


Stressed young woman in front of christmas tree

Every so often, we hear about a woman who had a secret abortion years ago, who’s finally found the courage to tell the world what a mistake she made. These stories are sometimes hard to find because the mainstream media doesn’t want to acknowledge the pain that abortion causes. [Read more…]