A “Promposal” That Will Make You Cry

Oh my gosh!! This is precious!!!!!

I hope Trig has friends like this in school:

After attending her high school prom last year, Danielle Clayton knew exactly who she wanted to spend her last dance of Grade 12 with.

But unsure if he’d ask her to go with him, she gathered some of her friends and presented a ‘promposal’ none of them will ever forget.

“Just seeing the smile on his face was worth it,” Clayton says.

Clayton and the recipient of her proposal – fellow Grade 12 student J.D. Kus – have been friends since they began attending Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in Guelph together.

Kus, who has Down syndrome, has been mentored by Clayton for those four years.

Their friendship is well known across the school, and as soon as Clayton started telling others about her plans to ask Kus to the prom, she learned that others wanted to do their part as well.

“So many people wanted to help. It was so sweet,” she says.

Watch it here.


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