Joe Biden Consoles Meghan McCain Over Dad’s Cancer on ‘The View’

A nice moment, one that doesn’t have to do with politics at all. Read more

Louis CK Apparently is a Perv – Too Bad the World Didn’t Notice When He Said This Disgusting, Sexual Stuff About Sarah Palin

‘I want to rub my father’s —- all over Sarah Palin’s fat —-,’ he tweeted. Read more

Homeless Veteran Who Helped Stranger Received $400 K thru GoFundMe: Here’s What He Bought

Great development! Read more

Isn’t It Time the Left Deals Honestly with Lena Dunham’s Sexual Experimentation with her Own Sister?

The Democrats are cleaning house. Good. Maybe it’s time to look at Lena again. Read more

Watch a ‘Tolerant’ Liberal Woman Shame Sarah Sanders for Being Fat and Old

Gosh isn’t it the most “tolerant” people the most RUTHLESS!!! Freaking evil. Read more

Lena Dunham: I Warned Hillary Clinton about Weinstein and She Kept Taking His Money

I guess Hillary would hang around sex predators for a price. Read more

A Tale of Two Shootings – an American Hunter Might Go to Prison but a Jury Delivered This Verdict to an Illegal Immigrant Killer

Build. The. Wall. And do it now! Read more

What’s Wrong with the #MeToo Campaign

I guess my family should add our #MeToo’s to the list. Read more

This Woman is the First Woman with Down Syndrome to Compete in a Miss USA State Pageant

Makeup, hair, and Down syndrome. A contestant breaks stereotypes! Read more

Homeless Man Finds a Lost $10,000 Check and Returns It to a Very Grateful Owner – Then She Does This to Repay Him

It’s inspirational to see what one man doing the right thing can wreak. Read more

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