Poignant Photo: Tennessee Firefighters Kneel and Pray After Trying to Rescue a Fire Victim

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On Saturday, the 911 dispatch in Columbia, Tennessee received a call from a twenty-three year old woman named Natalie Gasc. [Read more…]

Reebok Mocks Trump after He Compliments the First Lady of France

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Dear Media, here’s a newsflash: Women aren’t upset at compliments. Forbes reports on President Donald Trump’s recent visit to France. [Read more…]

Cosmo: Why You Shouldn’t Have Gender Reveal Parties


Well, this is hilarious.  Cosmopolitan is now telling parents to stop having “gender reveal” parties for their babies… because it hurts transgendered people.  See the themes of the parties (like “Bows versus Badges” or ‘Tutus or Touchdowns”) always reinforce gender stereotypes… and some of these babies might grow up to be transgendered. [Read more…]

Childless Man Surprised to Get Pulled Over by the Cops for Having a Baby in the Car with No Carseat

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Oh my gosh, this is the best thing ever!  You really must take a couple of minutes to watch this.  It might be one of the cutest ways to reveal a pregnancy ever….  and this man’s sneaky wife got the police to help her in the big reveal.


[Read more…]

Winnie Harlow Makes Fun of ‘Fat White Man’ after Strongly Advocating Body Confidence

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Is this not the most hypocritical thing you’ve seen all day?? [Read more…]