Mr. President, Get Out of Alaska: You Have Bigger Mountains to Climb

President Obama is taking a trip to the Alaskan Arctic. [Read more...]

Ohio Law Seeks to Protect Down Syndrome Babies — Liberals Say It Costs Too Much


What’s the value of a human life? Does it change whether it’s a life inside the womb? If it has more limitations than the average person?

How you answer these questions affects a lot. They should give you guiding principles to make decisions with. But some members of the Left get a little schizophrenic when you ask similar questions in different contexts.  [Read more...]

Top 4 Tweets from @MikeSAdams This Week


Remember Mike Adams?  Mom wrote about him on Facebook: [Read more...]

Sarah Palin Interviews Donald Trump (!!)

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 9.05.04 PM

I’m surprised this didn’t break the conservative internet: [Read more...]

Three Photos of My Love Tripp!

My love

My love!  [Read more...]