Winnie Harlow Makes Fun of ‘Fat White Man’ after Strongly Advocating Body Confidence

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Is this not the most hypocritical thing you’ve seen all day?? [Read more…]

Feminist on MSNBC about Ivanka: She Wore THIS to Show Off Her Girliness


Oh my gosh, I’m laughing so hard at this so-called feminist who went on national television to complain about Ivanka Trump’s pink dress! [Read more…]

Slate Says Some White Male Faces are ‘Punchable’


As the mother of girls AND a boy, I am so tired of how people bend over backwards to elevate girls at the expense of boys.  The latest example is Slate Magazine writer Heather Schwedel who wrote an article called “Why Are Some Male Faces Punchable?”  [Read more…]

Blac Chyna Makes ‘Feminism’ Look Ridiculous

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If you’ve been online at all, you’ve seen the very public breakup of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, which seems to get worse and worse.  The most recent problem happened after Chyna sent Rob nude pictures of herself, and a video of her in bed with another man.  Rob posted the pictures, and some of the video to Instagram, and he might be in legal trouble now.
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Teen Employee Pays for Cop’s Brownie, Then the Person in Line Behind Him Does This


This is INSANE!!!  The Daily Mail reports: [Read more…]