Indiana Nurse Tweets ‘White Women Raise Terrorist, Rapist, Racist, Killer Sons’ and ‘Every One Should Be Sacrificed to the Wolves’

I hope this woman never is responsible for patient care again. Read more

Homeless Veteran Spends Last $20 to Buy Gas for a Stranger; Then She Changes His Life

She was in a bad part of town when a homeless man approached her car. Read more

Tennessee Woman Receives Flowers Sent 5 Years Ago from Her Dad Before He Died

He realized he was dying, so he did this before he passed. Read more

Kathy Griffin: No One Has My Back, Everyone Thinks I’m Crazy, I’m Being Targeted Like Rose McGowan

Griffin is a post script to pop culture history. Read more

GQ, Here’s Who Should Have Been Your “Citizen of the Year”

You want to talk about oppression, Colin Kaepernick?? Read more

San Francisco 49er Marquise Goodwin Scores a Touchdown, Drops to the Ground – The Reason Why Will Break Your Heart

He scored a touchdown, then got emotional. Here’s the devastating reason why. Read more

Doctor Tells Mom Pregnant with Twins to Abort the One with Down Syndrome – Here’s What Happened Next

Love it that they said NO to the doctors. Read more

Adorable! Watch Trump’s Granddaughter Speak Mandarin

My heart just melted! Read more

Texan Defending Second Amendment Has An Amazing Shirt You Have to See

Kudos for this guy having the guts to wear this on TV. Read more

10 Photos You Guys Must See of My Super Cute Family!

A sneak into my life now with three cute kids and a wonderful husband. Read more

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