Hillary Reveals Fear of Sarah Palin In Secret Email; Dislikes Gender Inclusive Language

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Hillary’s greatest hits just keep coming… and this time, they reveal that she is terrified of my mom! [Read more...]

“Clock Boy” Ahmed Accuses USA of Racism To International Media

When Obama invited Ahmed, the student who brought a clock resembling a bomb to school, to the White House, I said it was going to further racial strife.  And boy was I right! [Read more...]

Meet The Fiercest Model at New York’s Fashion Week

I introduced you to 18 year old Australian model Madeline Stuart when her pictures went viral earlier this year.

Well now, Madeline, who has down syndrome, is blazing another trail in the fashion industry.  She just made her debut at New York Fashion Week!

Watch her in her show-stopping debut: [Read more...]

Disturbing Video of John Lennon Making Fun of Disabled People Shocks Fans

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In August 1966, John Lennon said that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus.” [Read more...]

1.5 Pound Miracle Baby Born at Sea

Newborn and hand

Have you read about the 1.5 pound baby boy who was born on a cruise ship last week when he was only 23 weeks?  It is an incredible story that shows just how resilient human beings really are! [Read more...]