Obama Warns Americans about Having Too Much Patriotism — Yes, on July 4th weekend

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The American Mirror has a maddening story, about how the former President of the United States traveled abroad to criticize his own country!  What?? [Read more…]

Sadie Robertson Almost Abducted on Way Home from the Mall

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This is so scary!  Sadie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, was on her way home from the mall when she noticed she’d been followed.  She wrote about it on Instagram: [Read more…]

Owner of Giant 20-Pound Lobster Furious that TSA Took Pics With It

Chris Stracuzza of Savannah, Georgia bought a 20 pound lobster that was estimated to be eighty years old.  He was trying to travel with it back home to turn it into various types of delicious food — lobster mac and cheese and lobster rolls, for example.Yahoo News explains that you have to ship live lobsters in a certain way: [Read more…]

Major League Umpire See a Woman About to Jump Off a Bridge, so He Does This to Save her Life

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This is a beautiful story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, about Major League umpire John Trumpane.  He went out for a jog and some lunch on Wednesday when and was walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge that afternoon. That’s when he saw a woman climb over a railing and peer down into the waters of the Allegheny River below. [Read more…]

Chicago Cubs Star Flips His Middle Finger while Posing with Trump

When the Chicago Cubs visited the Oval Office, it seemed like a nice visit:

But check out how outfielder Albert Almora, Jr. extended his middle finger while standing next to the President of the United States of America: [Read more…]