Watch an Ivy League Prof Try (and Fail Miserably!) to Defend Abortion

This is sooooooooo horrific. And stupid. Read more

Rich Celeb Lena Dunham Tattletales on Hard Working Airline Workers for Being ‘Transphobic’

Really? Read more

Sailor Grace Says Her First Sentence, Shows Off Her Cool Carol Brady Hair, and More!

She is something else! Read more

New Viral Video Shows There’s ‘Nothing Down About It’

I love this!!! Read more

Trump’s Cabinet Holds Weekly Bible Study for First Time in 100 Years — Here’s Who Attends

#5 will drive the left mad! Read more

SHOCK: Univ of Chicago Prof Says It Should be Legal to Kill Newborns

This is HORRIFIC! Read more

Trump Speaks to Boy Scouts, Libs Accuse Him of Child Abuse (Yes, Really)

The Boy Scouts are probably sick and tired of being vilified by liberals who don’t think they are liberal enough. Read more

Black Woman Fears for Her Life, Gets a Gun: Liberals Angry at Her

Libs would rather women cower in the shadows waiting for help than actually doing something about it. Read more

Poignant Photo: Tennessee Firefighters Kneel and Pray After Trying to Rescue a Fire Victim

Beautiful, sad photo. Read more

Reebok Mocks Trump after He Compliments the First Lady of France

Well, isn’t that nice that a shoe company feels it needs to lecture the President? Read more

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