Steelers Coach Lashes Out at Army Vet Who Stood for National Anthem – But America Responds Powerfully

America LOVES this patriotic linebacker for standing up for his values. Read more

Sarah Palin: Vote for ‘Happy Warrior’ Roy Moore in Alabama

Watch out — the Swamp is trying to hijack Trump’s presidency. Read more

Armed Usher Takes Down Armed Sudanese Man Who Came Into Church and Killed a Woman, Wounded Six Others

Thank you, Lord, for our Second Amendment! Read more

Professors Argue Biology is Bigoted Because Boys Pee Standing Up And Can Learn Physics Faster

Who else is sick and tired of people treated girls like they have a disability just because of their biology? Read more

Anti-Trump Witch Casts ‘Binding’ Hexes on the President

When I hear witches are opposed to Trump, it only makes us love him more. Read more

Guess What Planned Parenthood Staffers Mockingly Called a Freezer With Baby Parts?

Absolutely disgusting. Read more

Black Trump Supporter Eloquently Demolishes CNN’s Biased Questions – CNN Cuts Him Off

Well, they weren’t expecting this. Read more

Two Days After 9/11, Donald Trump Gave an Interview at Ground Zero – Here’s What He Said

This uncovered footage is touching. Read more

Ben Shapiro Has an Epic Response when a Liberal Student Questions the ‘Moral Value’ of a Fetus

The student was gobsmacked. Read more

MSNBC Panelist: I Know Liberals Who are Still In Therapy over the Trump Win

Well, maybe they need to grow up. Read more

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