How Child Models with Down Syndrome Stole the Show on the Madrid Runway

The catwalk has never been cuter! Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Asked if He’s Fine to Lose His Conservative Audience – His Answer is Disturbing

Good riddance? Definitely. Read more

Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Has a Fashion Line and Nordstrom is Fine With Carrying It

Do they only take “principled stands” against Republicans? Read more

Woman Survived Being Aborted after Nurse Got Her from Trash; 30 Years Later She Found Birth Mom and Forgave Her

This is an unbelievable story. Read more

New Footage: Cowardly ‘King Of Instagram’ Begs Vegas Cops While They Deal with Active Shooter

The nation needs more people willing to lay down their lives for others… not more men impotently striking a pose in front of a cell phone. Read more

Las Vegas Survivor Gets Up Out of Bed to Shake President’s Hand: ‘Shot in Leg or Not, I Stand to Show Respect’

In moments of national tragedy, it’s so nice to see that spirit of honor and respect. Read more

Victory for Faith! Court Says Cheerleaders Can Paint Bible Verses on Banners

Good news for a change! Read more

The Man who Killed Bin Laden Got Secretly Married in a Suit with This Quote Embroidered in the Collar

Plus, a famous celeb performed too! Read more

Chris Kyle’s Widow Puts the Smack Down on the Bend-the-Knee NFL Nonsense

Thanks, Taya, for your courage to speak out. And, for everything. Read more

Roy Moore Just Did the Most Alabama Thing Ever Onstage, and Libs Will Hate Him For It

How would this have played in any other state? Read more

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