SAD UPDATE: Mom Who Refused Cancer Treatment so She Could Deliver Her Baby Dies at Age 37

I was reading this article as I was waiting for a plane to take off, trying not to cry! Read more

Prof Who Called Hurricane Harvey ‘Karma’ for Texas, Is Now In the Eye of Irma

I hope NO ONE in Florida — or anywhere else — is hurt by this storm. I hope no one — no matter who they voted for — suffers. Read more

Actress Brags about Her Abortion, Says Her First Was Her ‘Best One’ Ever

‘If I could Yelp review it, I totally would.’ Read more

Wife Reveals Last Words of Houston Cop Who Drowned in His Patrol Car in Hurricane Harvey

His wife begged him to stay home. This is what he told her. Read more

Stranded Houston Grandparents Call Chick-Fil-A to Order a Burrito (With Extra Egg) and a Boat

And you thought you couldn’t love Chick-Fil-A more? Read more

Watch an Armed Houston Man Confront Possible Looters: ‘I’m No Afraid to Cut Your A– in Half’

These looters weren’t expecting this! Read more

Texas Woman Breaks Out Into Incredible Gospel Performance Inside Hurricane Harvey Shelter

Looks like they were having church at the Lone Star Expo Center. Read more

Some Amazingly Inspirational Moments From Houston

These people are shining amidst the darkness. Read more

Houston Interview That Should Inspire Anyone Struggling With Faith in Hard Times

A reporter stopped this man in Houston, and he delivered a message of hope and faith. Read more

Fight Breaks Out During Tennessee High School Football Game; Both Sides Stop and Pray

It could’ve been a terrible, terrible moment. Then, everyone stopped and prayed. Read more

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