VIDEO: Nervous mother dances to ease her labor pains and let the baby (naturally) come on out

Let me be the first to say that I’m a big fan of epidurals. However, this cute first time mother delivered her baby naturally… with a little help from her sister-in-law. This adorable video has gone super viral, as people LOVE the fact that she isn’t afraid to dance while pregnant, or even dance while wearing a maternity pad. [Read more…]

Dressing up like this Star Wars character is problematic for the dumbest reason ever

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head at how ridiculous it’s gotten on American college campuses. Liberal lunacy even thrives at Ivy League schools like Princeton.  [Read more…]

Dakota and the kids feed cows in Kentucky

Enjoying the Blue Grass state!  Here, Dakota teaches Sailor Grace and Tripp how much cows — apparently — love bread!

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Girls Hair Day

What it looks like when Willow does ALL of our hair on the same day!

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Last trimester!

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