Actor Dwayne Johnson Announces “Rock the Troops” Event in 2016

A Hollywood actor who doesn’t have an entitlement complex is quite a thing to see! [Read more...]

Sudanese Pastors Face the Death Penalty for Preaching the Gospel

church in Sudan Flickr

Yat Michael Ruot and Peter Yein Reit, two Christian pastors from the breakaway Christian nation of South Sudan, are currently sitting in prison in Sudan waiting to hear what their fate will be. The Sudanese government is accusing them of spying, but their supporters say that the real reason the militant Islamist government is holding them is because they proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If convicted, the two pastors face a possible death sentence. [Read more...]

Bob Costas On Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPN Courage Award: “It’s A Tabloid Play”

Well, at least Bob Costas has the guts to call out ESPN giving Caitlyn Jenner the “courage award:” [Read more...]

Miley Cyrus Claims She’s “Least Judgmental Person Ever,” Calls Christians “Insane Motherf–kers”

In her cover story for Paper magazine, Miley Cyrus spoke candidly about her sexuality, her hippie lifestyle, and her politics.  While her nude photo shoot has attracted the attention of many, it is her hilarious tirade about tolerance that turned my head.

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I Don’t think That Word Means What You Think It Means


Poor headline writer! [Read more...]