Teen Vogue Columnist to the Late Billy Graham: ‘Have Fun in Hell’

Teen Vogue Columnist to the Late Billy Graham: ‘Have Fun in Hell’ February 26, 2018

When Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca heard about the death of Billy Graham, she tweeted this message: “have fun in hell.”  Here’s her message:

Then, after being criticized for her terrible message, she tweeted this:

This retweet might provide some insight into why she didn’t like the evangelist, “Hi, I won’t mince words on this: I was a queer kid raised in a household who loved Billy Graham. Billy Graham was an evil, horrible, hateful man who celebrated the deaths of queer people.”

Of course, there’s no way on earth that’s true. Graham was a man of love. But then, as if to put a finer point on this, Duca added this message, “Billy Graham called being gay ‘a sinister form of perversion,’ and floated the idea that “AIDS is a punishment from God.” If hell is real, that’s exactly where he’s headed.” Here’s her tweet:

You may know that Graham was 99 years old when he passed away at his North Carolina home after a life well-lived.  Here are some photos my mom posted to Instagram after he passed, with a much better message: Saddened to hear of Billy Graham’s passing, but joy-filled knowing he is “home” as he’s said, “My home is in heaven. I’m just traveling through this world.”

Here’s when Trig got to meet the famed evangelist:

And also my grandparents — my mom’s parents — got to meet him too!

I’m thankful for a good man like Billy Graham.  It’s a shame that people like Lauren Duca can’t see past their politics to recognize true virtue.

Image Credit: Hanbyul❤ on Flickr

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