‘Black Panther’ Star Chose God Over Hollywood: ‘OK, Jesus’

‘Black Panther’ Star Chose God Over Hollywood: ‘OK, Jesus’ February 26, 2018

I love this!  The new Marvel Black Panther movie has taken the nation by storm — everyone’s talking about its success.  But IRJ reports that one of the movie’s main stars is a Christian, who — at one point — turned down roles as she sought after her Christian faith:

Actor Letitia Wright, who plays Princess Shuri in the superhero flick, said she recently learned to depend on her Christian faith instead of her success in Hollywood. Early in her career, the 24-year-old star took a seven-month sabbatical from acting to focus on her faith.

“I just needed to take a break from acting because I really idolized it, so I came off of it and I went on a journey to discover God and my relationship with God and I became a Christian,” she said last week on ITV’s “This Morning.”

The conversion, Wright said, gave her “so much love and light.”

“I felt secure,” she explained. “Like I didn’t need validation from anyone else or from getting a part. My happiness wasn’t dependent on that — it was dependent on my relationship with God.”

Wow!  That is so inspiring!  In light of the movie’s success, she posted a sweet message to Twitter.  “Do you mind if I praise God? Just want to give thanks to God for all of the blessings and all he has done for the @theblackpanther cast & crew! It belongs to you all now! Enjoy enjoy enjoy  

I love to see Hollywood stars taking their moment to unapologetically speak into the world about their faith.

Image Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America (Letitia Wright & Forest Whitaker) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Hat Tip: IJR

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