Jimmy Kimmel Mocks the First Lady’s Accent (Because Apparently Libs Think Mocking Immigrants is Just Fine)

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks the First Lady’s Accent (Because Apparently Libs Think Mocking Immigrants is Just Fine) April 11, 2018

Christian Toto over at PJ Media begins a recent piece with a very important question:

Remember how late-night comics savaged first lady Michelle Obama? No? That’s because it didn’t happen.

Exactly.  The thing that gets me is that liberals pretend that they care about women.  They pretend they care about immigrants.  They pretend that Republicans hate women and hate immigrants.  Yet, here we are with a First Lady who is both of these things…  and late night comedians just can’t stop mocking her.

Not for her politics.

Not for her positions.

But for her accent.  Yes, really.

Toto reports:

A laugh riot, no? Of course, mocking someone’s accent is no longer acceptable as a comic device. Even liberal icon Stephen Colbert caught flak in 2014 when he attempted a generic Chinese accent. The incident sparked a #CancelColbert hashtag and plenty of righteous indignation.

Why no similar uproar for Melania? Kimmel attacked Mrs. Trump, someone who is fair game for, well, anything according to our modern liberal scolds and media outlets. Her unofficial membership in the GOP makes it so.

Only Kimmel isn’t the only “brave” comic to mock Melania Trump. Last year, Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies used his late-night show to sexualize the first lady and call her “wooden” and “dirty.”

Once again, no outrage in the media nor from feminists.

And, of course, other oh-so-hilarious comedians like Chelsea Handler also has mocked the First Lady for her accent.  Just remember the below clip when you hear that old myth that liberals love immigrants.

Oh, and by the way, Melania is fluent in FIVE languages.  How many languages are you fluent in, Jimmy?  Just one: the language of condescension.

Watch the clip below and see what you think:

Image Credit: Screen Shot of Embedded Video

Hat Tip: PJMedia


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