Teen Wears Gorgeous China-Inspired Prom Dress, Libs Freak out – But She Said She’d Wear it Again

Teen Wears Gorgeous China-Inspired Prom Dress, Libs Freak out – But She Said She’d Wear it Again May 3, 2018

It all started with this post from an 18 year old Utah senior named Keziah Daum:

She didn’t go for a more typical Prom dress, because she wanted one that “didn’t reveal too much of the chest and neck area [or] too much legs and shoulders.”  And so, she chose one that had a Chinese flair…  and she looked beautiful!  When she posted 4 photos to social media (which isn’t even a ton by today’s standards), she got hammered by someone on Twitter named Jeremy Lam.

He wrote:

Wow.  That’s a lot of pent up hostility towards a high school girl.  Yet, the tweet was favorited — as of the time I’m writing this — almost 180,000 times.  So, wait, there are 180,000 people in this world who think it’s okay to curse at a girl for wearing a dress?  I thought the whole “slut shaming” movement was intended to create a society in which girls could wear whatever they want?  But was it really just so we women can wear just exactly what social justice warriors want us to wear?  Should you send a daily suggestion list?  Rather, a demand list?  And who is in charge of assigning us our wardrobe?  Should we really listen to this Lam guy?  Or should we reach out to people who live in China themselves?

An article in National Review describes the weird chaos over this dress:

The proper response to his anger isn’t indulgence. His ethnicity doesn’t make him right. His fury doesn’t make him credible. Instead, the proper response is to tell him he’s wrong — wrong and destructive. Silly, frivolous attacks like Lam’s represent a form of “crying wolf” that render the body politic steadily more immune to claims of racism, while simultaneously enraging social-justice warriors who believe each cry should be met with a decisive response.

On the one side is a collection of Americans who rightly look at Daum’s dress and say, “That’s not racist. It’s just a pretty dress.” On the other side is a collection of Americans who view this indifference and confusion as a provocation.

Used to be, if some grown man was so obsessed with a teenage girl’s outfit, he’d be called creepy, not brave.  Anyway, you have to hand it to the Utah teen.  She isn’t even sorry, even though the man who attacked her on Twitter said, “I will remain angry.”  She said she’d wear it again.

Love it.  National Review wrote, that this was “indicative of how the people who care the most about identity and oppression are seized by rage and unreason. And because cultures are shaped and defined by those who care the most, Daum’s story is not just a Twitter story; it’s increasingly the American story.”

Right.  I just hope she enjoyed Prom, without realizing that her photos had gone viral for the dumbest reason of all.  Maybe this will show those social justice warriors how incredibly mad their side has become.  Sadly, it will probably just make them angrier.

Hat Tip: National Review

Image Credit: Twitter

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