32 Week Baby Bump!

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The most recent picture of me and my baby girl! [Read more…]

UCLA Sacrifices Free Speech Over a… Kanye West/Kardashian Party?

A frat party. UCLA has lost their mind over a Kanye/Kim themed party, described by the PC police an affront to the African American community.

Why? The costumes—guests were reported wearing blackface. (Are there any pictures to prove it? Of course not!) Some of the party goers did dress up as miners, smudging soot on their faces to parody the Kanye hit, “Gold Digger.” Note: Smudged, not covered.

Student activists — enraged by alleged racial costumes — demanded the school take action against the students and fraternities involved.  Apparently, they don’t realize limiting free speech isolates the very minorities they’re trying to “protect.”  (Do they even teach the Constitution at UCLA?) [Read more…]

LOVE! Students walk out to show support for fired S.C. school deputy

Students at Spring Valley High School wear homemade shirts saying "Bring Back Fields" on Oct. 30, 2015. (Photo: Via Twitter)

Students at Spring Valley High School wear homemade shirts saying “Bring Back Fields” on Oct. 30, 2015. (Photo: Via Twitter)

This week, I wrote about the police officer who was fired after an incident involving an unruly teenager.

(Even though some misguided people believe disobedience is “age appropriate.”)  It’s totally unfair that the officer lost his job when he was just doing his job.

But check out what happened at that school today! I’m so proud of these kids! [Read more…]

Chilling: Former Subway Spokesperson Jared Talking about Child Sex

I’d kill a pedophile if they ever laid a hand on my kids.  There should be a zero tolerance for any of this.

This makes me want to puke: [Read more…]

‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Asked for Name of Flower That’s Also a Term ‘Disparaging’ to Liberals — She Gets It Wrong, but You’ll Want to Hear Her Answer

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It wouldn’t surprise me if this Jeopardy contestant was from Alaska. We tend to just tell things how it is, even if it’s not politically correct or if some thin-skinned people find it offensive. [Read more…]