Stunning Photo of Noah, Miscarried at 12 Weeks, Shows LIFE in the Womb


Just look at this precious photo.  [Read more...]

This Baby Was Almost Aborted – Now She’s a Youtube Star

Screenshot 2015-03-21 21.12.04

You might know the name Kimberly Henderson from a Youtube video that went viral – it was of her singing her baby to sleep.

She just recorded a new song, “Tiny Hearts,” and also told the story behind her daughter’s birth. [Read more...]

Kara Tippetts — who told Brittany Maynard “We Don’t Have to be Afraid of Death” – Has Died

Kara Tippetts Flickr

The brave soul who wrote “we don’t have to be so afraid of dying and suffering that we choose suicide” passed away yesterday. [Read more...]

Wheelchair on the Runway at Tokyo Fashion Week

I just love to see people who are “differently-abled” get a shot at their dreams. [Read more...]

Nasty Letter Calls Woman with Prosthetic Limb a “Cry Baby One Leg”

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I’ve heard my fair share of rude comments, but sometimes I still can’t believe how mean people can be. [Read more...]