“Tolerant” actress on how to handle Republicans and Independents: Take them out with a baseball bat!

Nothing says “Love Trumps Hate” like a baseball bat to the side of the head! Am I right? [Read more…]

Surprise, surprise: anti-Trump protesters revealed to be paid professionals

Guess what would’ve happened if Hillary Clinton won the presidency? Nothing! Sure, Donald Trump supporters would’ve been in shock, and there would’ve been some anger, but they would get over it, get to work, and go about their day. The same can’t be said of the progressive crybabies that have flooded the streets in protest of the newly elected Republican president. [Read more…]

Bernie Sanders: The FBI is NOT why Hillary lost

Love this!  I’m glad HE isn’t using Comey as an excuse for the lost election: [Read more…]

Women threaten to send Mike Pence “period blood” if he “regulates their uterus”

This is sooooo gross.  Let’s just take a moment and appreciate how PSYCHOTIC these anti Trumper’s are. [Read more…]

Dem Strategist Mocks White Man Beat During Anti-Trump Protests: “Oh Poor White People!”

Well, this is classy. [Read more…]