Check Out Chris Kyle’s Facebook Update about Todd Palin


Awwww…  Taya keeps up Chris’s Facebook page.  Check out this entry!



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A Boy With a Stutter Tried Out on The Voice. What Did the Judges Think?

Screenshot 2015-02-21 15.56.54

Harrison Craig had a stutter ever since he learned to talk. But when he sings, it goes away, and he puts his whole heart into his song. [Read more...]

The Truth about Sarah Palin’s “White Dress Scandal”

No doubt you’ve noticed that mom mom caused a stir by the outfit she word to the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary.  (Check out her funny appearance here and the weird hecklers who showed up here.) [Read more...]

And the Happiest State in the US Is…

Copper River at Sunset

Let’s hear it for Alaska! [Read more...]

What Did This 8-Year-Old Boy Do with the $20 Bill He Found in the Parking Lot?

ohio boy 20

Do you remember how exciting it was to get just a dollar when you were a kid? Did you ever find a twenty-dollar bill in the parking lot? That would make a kid’s week!

Myles Eckert was pretty excited when exactly that happened to him one day going into a Cracker Barrel restaurant. But he didn’t keep the money for long. [Read more...]