Baby Ponderings

By the time you all read this, our family will be well on our way to knowing more about our precious baby #3 via our midway ultrasound (happening tomorrow morning!) Praise God for the blessing of technology to give mothers and fathers like us such wonderful information! My personal fears of spina bifida and anencephaly will hopefully be put to rest. Our desire to be able to call our child by name will be (hopefully) fulfilled. As I sit here thinking about it all, I begin to wonder—what would we do if we actually had to wait the 40 weeks before finding out the gender of our children? I say this, of course, tongue-in-cheek knowing that I am one of many spoiled parents privy to 21st-century technology.

It’s often scary to realize what modern medicine offers the greater world. With information gained through amniocenteses and alpha-fetoprotein testing, women daily are choosing to end the lives of their precious children. Are we feeding people too much? Giving them a chance to play the role of God with information beyond what they should know?

Thought-provoking questions, indeed. Yet I admit my husband, GG, and I still revel in the 20-week ultrasound. It gives us a chance to meet our babies visually, find out their gender, and call them by name. Greater information helps us feel closer to our children, more bound through the second half of the pregnancy and able to experience parenthood before the actual task begins. We realize that time with our little ones is not our own; every moment is a treasure.

Today I will learn if my growing family will still be male-dominated (4 vs. 1 and a male dog!) or if I will be joined by a precious daughter (to help me battle the raging testosterone!) Today will mark a new beginning for our family and dictate how the coming years will ensue. Will we continue to be overrun by trains and cars, the color blue and balls of every sort? Or will our lives take a turn toward pink, toward sensitivity (!) and all things girly? Perhaps the outcome of today will simply mean another life will be added to our family, enriching our family’s proverbial quilt with new colors and personality. Whatever the gender, whatever the outcome, I am for certain that in all things with our Lord, He will work it for the good.

In the spirit of Red’s post, we are thrilled to be welcoming another precious soul into the world, offering our children another chance to be siblings and to love without regard to self. Information-laden or not, we know we will be very blessed.

Ed. note: I am thrilled to write that we will be joined in August by another healthy baby BOY! Praises and thanks be to God! I guess this means our male-dominated home will have to foster a special devotion to the Blessed Mother! 🙂

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