Yes, It’s a Rule!

I just walked though the kitchen to find my dark chocolate bunny ears missing. You know, the ones I was nibbling on so as to savor the treat for more than 5 seconds. Since both boys were napping I looked incredulously at Mr. Incredible, “Did you take my chocolate bunny ears?!?!”

His response: “What, is it a rule you can’t take a pregnant woman’s chocolate?”

Ummm…YES!!! IT IS A RULE!!!

In other food-related Easter news, I prepared Easter baskets, bought egg dye, etc. well before Easter knowing that we would be traveling right before Easter. I failed to remember (in my coconut-oil induced health conscious haze) that the organic free-range eggs that I feed my family are brown. This is not ideal for egg dying. But we have 50 joyful days to celebrate the Resurrection, so plenty of time to find some white eggs.

And one last thing…if you are pregnant and gave up sweets for Lent and your baby in utero lets you know that he needs some refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup on Easter Sunday, be sure you have Tums on hand. Just trust me on this one.

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