A little contest

We will have a new baby among us soon…

Juris Mater is just a few days shy of her due date, April 30th, and we are all awaiting the arrival of her newest little guy or girl. Our prayers are with Juris Mater for a healthy and safe delivery of her newest little bundle.

While we wait, I thought it would be fun to have a little contest. Who can best predict the date, time, birth weight, and gender of her baby?

I will give our naive readers one helpful tip: poor Juris Mater has gone terribly overdue with both of her previous pregnancies. She just recently reported to me that at 39 weeks, baby is still up in her esophagus So your a real risk taker if you place your bet on any day before April 30th!

The prize–bragging rights of course! We will announce the winner after baby arrives.

I’ll start–May 8th, 1:00am, baby girl, 8lbs 9oz

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