Unexpected Blessings

I never expected this week to be so fruitful.

I have to admit entering it with a pretty pessimistic attitude–never the best thing for supporting one’s better half in the midst of stress! Yet I love how God shows us within our worries and downtrodden spirits that there is HOPE springing forth, eternal. He is good like that, you know?

It has actually turned into a fabulous week. The kids and I have flourished together (more than usual) and I’ve been able to take a little of the good kind of mommy pride away from the past few days. I have been able to see my children through the eyes of the Lord–as compassionate and dynamic works-in-progress, who delight in the day and relish opportunities to hang with their mama. What a wonderful gift this week has been.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me even when I thought it was impossible.

Even when my beloved was wading through his last semester of law school finals.
Even when, like many of my friends, I have been on-call 24/7 without any help.
Even when I have faced my mommy guilt and mommy pride head-on.
Even when my blessed children have had less-than-loveable moments in the day-to-day.
Even when I had to administer pink eye antibiotics (enough said.)

You have shown me goodness.

You have shown me smiles.
You have shown me obedience.
You have shown me love.

Thank you.