Bringing Up Boys

It has now been a few weeks since I finished Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson, but I must say, his words have surely resonated in my head a few times since then, compelling to me to mother my two beloved boys in a certain way.  It was a fantastic read and one I feel is worth digesting, especially for parents and grandparents of little boys!  

Dobson lays out a clear, conservative message in his book.  Boys will be boys, and there aren’t two ways about it!  His initial chapters outline the biological gender differences, citing the unique surge of testosterone 6-7 weeks after conception when a male baby in utero undergoes a “hormonal bath” resulting in the male brain taking on a different structure and nature from that of a female.  These biological differences lay the groundwork for unique boy-ness that can only be understood and embraced with the right attitude and perspective.
Dobson then lays out a clear picture for the raising and disciplining of boys.  He urges his readers to provide a firm, structured environment for boys, yet encourages them to allow their boys to “blossom” in their unique boy ways.  Statistics pop out of the page left and right as Dobson makes the provocative case for the necessity of raising boys on the straight and narrow in a world that dictates otherwise.  The completion of a chapter of reading would always send me reeling–I would spout off facts to my husband and friends, convinced that we had “so much work to do” in raising our boys!  It was truly inspiring.  I almost feel the urge to go back and read certain portions just to remember the nitty gritty in my daily time of need!

Probably my most valuable lesson gleaned from Boys is that I can do a better job of celebrating my sons’ unique and wonderful boy-ness!  Often I catch myself aghast and perplexed at these little wrestling, aggressive wonders.  Dobson helped me understand that our day-to-day boy antics are really part of the general boy development framework.  And gosh that makes a mama breathe a sigh of relief just when she needs it!  Thank you, Dobson.

Have you enjoyed this book?  Don’t hesitate to offer your opinions in addition to mine!  
And God bless all of you mothers of boys–He knows you need it! 😉