Maclaren Much?

As the boys and I begin to get a feel for our new area, we’ve been venturing out and enjoying various hotspots in town.  A few of our earliest outings have been to the newer shi-shi outdoor mall a mere five minutes down the road.  

I so love many aspects of this mall.  It is brimming with activity, including a children’s train that circulates around the interior walking space and toots its horn (my little boys are crazy for it…)  I love that it has favorite haunts such as Nordstroms, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor Loft, and other wonderful stores.  The atmosphere is calm, clean, and relatively soothing, which is such a blessing for a mother hen with chicks, seeking a respite outing.  Overall, this mall gets my 5-star mother rating.
Until the other day when I saw them… not once… not twice… beyond three times.  The Maclaren strollers were lined up by the tens, pushing Polo-clad children and screaming “I am a Yuppy stroller!”  Ugh!!  I was disgusted at the sight!
I’m sorry.  I do apologize if you have one of these Maclaren masterpieces.  As you can probably tell, I do not.  And they repulse me.
While I definitely admit to a wee bit of envy mixed in with these emotions–the fact that I don’t own a $200+ umbrella stroller.  Mostly the cause of the repulsion is my understanding that the name alone brings in the whopping pricetag, not the quality of the merchandise.  While my research is limited, I’ve heard from more than a few mothers that these strollers do not measure up.  The Maclaren is apparently Mac-lacking.  I also have an umbrella stroller that works just fine–want to know the pricetag?  10 whopping dollars.  It suits me just as well.
Now, I will say that I am willing to invest where investment is WORTH the extra cost.  We own a BOB Revolution Duallie, which was not cheap.  Is it amazing and worth every cent?  You better believe it.  The shocks, double layer canopy, aluminum frame, and polymer wheels are there to prove it.  I take it running every day and thank the good Lord for the blessing of such a nice stroller; such a quality piece of machinery to tote my precious cargo.  
But back to the Maclaren.  
Nobility or Durability?  I want to hear your thoughts.
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