Soft (drink) addiction

I noticed my all-time favorite blogger Danielle Bean is giving up Diet Coke. My addiction is to Diet Dr. Pepper.

I’ve tried in earnest several times. I always give it up during pregnancy, excepting the occasional happy indulgence. Unlike Danielle, when I have the first sip after pregnancy, it doesn’t taste like a mouthful of chemicals… it tastes like a mouthful of bliss. It’s the reward after a long nine months in the desert.

I know all the arguments–it has no nutritional value, it’s made 100% of poisonous chemicals, it slows your metabolism, it makes you crave sweets, it’s addictive. My consumption of explosive chemicals is incompatible with the healthy food I serve my family, and it’s a waste of money especially as food becomes more expensive.

My spirit is willing, but my flesh is so weak.

So… are there any former users out there who would be willing to share their personal testimonies? Or does anyone want to start a support group? I’m on the verge of trying to give it up again, but I do intend to finish the 2 liter in my refrigerator first. Tomorrow is a new day.
(I do not intend to joke flippantly about addiction here. I actually think addiction to aspartame or whatever is in these drinks is a fairly serious health problem for Americans, and this also reminds me to pray for and seek to serve all struggling with more debilitating addictions.)