SwaddleMe… will you marry me?

GREAT thanks to you ladies who recommended this product. My angel baby was fast becoming addicted to cosleeping, and her sleep was getting lighter and her mood fussier. I’ve never been able to make swaddling with a regular blanket work for me, perhaps because my larger babies can get their arms out easily, so the swaddle loses its snuggling effect. And then came SwaddleMe.

I comfortably SwaddleMe’d Angelina last night with her soft arms tight against her chest, popped the pacifier in her mouth, and she went to sleep for an 8 hour stretch after a day of fussing and struggling to sleep. No crying. Only sleeping in heavenly peace.

(After our attachment parenting talk here, I think Dr. Sears might disapprove of a one-month-old sleeping an 8 hour stretch thanks to a fake snuggle and a plastic pacifier, but I’ll admit that I count it as an unqualified success and blessing.)

Do they make these for 2 year olds in Thomas the Tank Engine pattern or anything?

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