This morning, I am truly thankful for my husband, ET, and for all that he does for our family. He has been away since Friday for a weekend with “the guys,” an annual tradition, and I know that he will come back refreshed and renewed – they’re a great group of men! There’s nothing like a weekend on my own with the kiddos to remind me of how blessed we are to have a daddy who is so interested in being involved in the day to day life of our family’s life…C has been asking for his daddy all weekend, saying “I wish daddy were here. If daddy were here then Maria wouldn’t be crying right now, and he could play on the Dawntreader (the ship from Narnia, made out of C’s bed) with me.” So sad 🙁  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a great weekend with lots of fun, but there is something particularly lonely about being without daddy on the weekend, when everyone else is spending time together as a family – it’s amazing that C already picks up on the difference between the weekdays and the weekend! In any case, we miss you ET and we’re so thankful for you!!

On another note, I’ve thought that perhaps we ought to think of an alternative to the abbreviation “SAHM”. Does anyone else find it particularly time consuming to either: 1) Hold down the Caps key for 4 consecutive letters, or 2) Press the Caps key at the beginning and end of the word? What if we simply called each other “homies” instead? Do you think it would stick? 🙂
Just kidding 🙂
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