Darn TV

Why is it that everyone’s first instinct, including paid sitters, is to turn on the TV to quiet kids? And what does it take to get people to think of other activities? Is that asking too much? I feel bad being the strict, uptight mom who says no TV, and I feel like I let sitters down or ask too much of them when I request no TV. How do you all keep people from flipping on Caillou (who I can’t stand… could he be any whinier?) as soon as there’s down time or pre-tantrum behavior or at any and every moment? We don’t have cable. My husband and I watch good movies some weekends on it. The way I see it, during the weekdays, PBSKids is my free babysitter for the kids if I’m dying for a moment of peace and quiet. Paid sitters or people who are with my kids only briefly shouldn’t use it. Unreasonable?

Can you tell I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning (12 or so times between last night and this morning, to be more precise)? I guess taking it out on the TV isn’t that bad… could be worse.
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