Knights of Columbus–Baghdad Iraq

I apologize for the delay on this, but I had to first get permission to publicize this letter and request for help. I have removed portions of the letter to protect the privacy of Captain Haslam.

Happy Fourth of July from Baghdad, Iraq!

I am proud to be serving the United States of America in the Air Force
on this great day. It makes me think of the words that President
Kennedy shared with our country many years ago: “Ask not what your
country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

I challenge each one of you on this Day of Independence to think of
something you can do to make our great country better over the next

Having spent three months in Iraq so far has really brought me to my
knees in prayer and thanksgiving for the freedoms that we all enjoy back
home on a daily basis. Forty Iraqi judges have been assassinated in the
past few years. These judges were bringing criminals to justice and
making this country safer for law-abiding Iraqis.

…citizens of Iraq put their very lives at risk both
practicing their Faith and bringing the rule of law to this country.
During your BBQs, celebrations and fireworks on this day, take a moment
to thank God for the amazing liberties we enjoy every day and ask that
He protect all the Airmen, Marines, Soldiers and Seamen who have
sacrificed their holiday this year to protect the citizens of Iraq and
the United States. In addition, take a moment to remember those who
have paid the ultimate price for the advancement of freedom.

In my spare time I have been involved in getting humanitarian aid and
cash to charitable organizations in the Baghdad area. Attached to this
e-mail is a flier regarding this important work. Please consider
sending supplies to Iraq. We are concentrating specifically on baby
items right now, such as infant medications, baby clothes, diapers,
wipes, shoes, formula, etc.

Thank you for your continued support during my deployment in Iraq. The prayers have definitely been felt!

Happy Fourth!
And may God bless America!

Very Respectfully,

Ryan Vincent Haslam, Capt, USAF

Here is more information on this ministry:

The Knights of Columbus—Baghdad Round-Table is a vibrant Christian organization of U.S. military and civilian Catholics who are located within the International Zone of Baghdad, Iraq. We are affiliated with Saint Mary’s of the Grove Council 11138, Tampa, Florida.

Since it’s inception in February 2007, we have been very actively involved in providing essential goods for the needy in the local Baghdad Christian community. Because of the inherent dangers that still exist to the lives of the persons we support, we are always very mindful to take extra care whenever delivering goods or revealing personal information that could jeopardize their very lives.

Your very generous donations are always very welcomed. The following children and communities in Baghdad and other regions within Iraq will benefit from your gracious donations:

Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity who support the local orphanage for handicapped babies and children
Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena who run a maternity hospital
Sacred Heart of Jesus (Chaldean Catholic Church)
St. Joseph’s Cathedral (Roman Catholic Church)
Christian schools in Baghdad and surrounding regions

Captain Ryan Haslam and his beautiful wife Kerry are good friends of our family. All donations must be received in Iraq no later than September 26th, 2008. Please do not send any items with an American Flag or other US symbols. Items of specific need are: cash donations, school supplies, and baby items. If you can help in any way please contact Kerry at

May God Bless all those families serving our country!

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