Ode to Tylenol PM

Gelcap, Capsule, or Tablet, I discriminate not

Sing me to sleep, oh Tylenol PM

“Off” switch on my brain is malfunctioning again
Sing my mind to sleep, oh Tylenol PM

So my husband will be the first to hear the baby monitor all 9 times

Sing me into a sound sleep, oh Tylenol PM

Traces of you seep into my breastmilk
Sing me and my nursing baby to sleep, oh Tylenol PM

Lover of natural childbirth and natural remedies I am, yet I surrender to you
Sing me into drug-induced sleep, oh Tylenol PM

What the world needs now, is sleep, more sleep.

Sing us to sleep, oh Tylenol PM

Any better suggestions for getting restorative sleep, in spite of numerous night wakings and the generally anxious mom mind? I’m all ears.
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