Breastfeeding 101

As we have joyfully welcomed boy #3 into our home and hearts, I have begun the breastfeeding journey once again…  It is a well-worn road in our home and one that I cherish traveling with each of my children.  Baby J is no exception and has been taking to feeding famously!  Hallelujah!

Though with each child I’m learning that everything is different and in some ways, it’s like I’m a new mother all over again.  Thank goodness for the lactation nurse who I met the other day at our pediatrician’s office.  She was a gem of a woman and made me feel on top of the world for choosing to nurse my child.  Along with her encouragement came two precious nuggets of wisdom that I wanted to pass to all of our readers…  If you’re nursing now or know someone who’s going to breastfeed, keep these pieces of info handy!!  They were such a blessing to me.
*Baby falling asleep while you nurse? 
Try clavicle massage!  The clavicle or collarbone extends from the middle of baby’s neck to his/her shoulder.  If you’re noticing a slowing in nursing or if the baby is beginning to fall asleep, give the clavicle a circular massage which should initiate the suck reflex.  The nurse said that this should work to initiate sucking even while the baby is asleep.  And so far, it’s worked like a charm!!  No more having to antagonize my poor babies to keep them awake–all it takes is a little massage!
*Sore and cracked nipples?
Try caffeinated regular tea bags.  Stick the tea bag in a mug of hot water (as if you were preparing tea) and wring out the water.  Then place the tea bag on the nipple and allow it to cool.  You can heat it up once more and apply before discarding and starting over.  While I haven’t tried this one, the nurse promised it would work wonders.  Anything to prevent sore nipples while nursing–nothing is worse!!
Blessings to all of our nursing mother readers out there…
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