Random Olympic Thoughts

1. Michael Phelps consumes 12,000 calories a day. A single workout for Phelps burns around 4,000 calories. Phelps is amazing.

2. Not to take anything away from Phelps, but there are WAY too many swimming events.

3. All gymnasts are short. Just in case you were tempted to think that Nastia Luikin was tall–she isn’t. Luikin is only 5’3” but looks gigantic next to the likes of Shawn Johnson (4’9″) and Chinese gymnasts Deng Linlin (4’5”). Another tidbit, Deng Linlin only weights 68 pounds!

4. Misty May Treanor and her beach volleyball partner need to wear more clothes.

5. Diving should not take up several hours of prime-time Olympic coverage.

6. Synchronized Diving?

7. Women’s wresting and weight lifting?

8. The Jamaicans are really fast.

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