Hair Dye: Foxy or Frivolous

As part of my musings during my recent “quarter-life crisis”, I’ve been thinking about hair dye. I’m joking about the quarter-life crisis—it’s no crisis at all, but a renewed desire to feel good about my physical appearance after several years of non-stop nursing and/or pregnancy. But the hair dye question is no joke. I figure I’m a couple years from starting to notice glistening grey strands, so it’s time to make some decisions.

For the gentlemen, hair dye is a no-go. Men look dignified as they grey. But how about for the ladies? Perhaps in some countries and cultures, grey hair, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes are no problem. But around these parts, I think a little touching up here and there can go a long way in making a younger mom look cheery and put-together, instead of giving the impression that she’s “let it all go”: modest makeup and jewelry, fashionable clothing… and maybe even some natural-looking hair color to take the grey away.

Hair coloring doesn’t mean selling out to the culture of perpetual adolescence or the obsession with youth—no thirty year old should get a navel ring or start dressing like the Olsen twins. But I do think hair coloring can be a nice complement to the youthful spirit that mothers blessed with several children tend to radiate naturally.

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