I Am So Not Above Bribing…

We have a family wedding in a few weeks and the boys have been tapped as Ringbearer and Ringbearer’s Assistant. Any thoughts on how to get a 3 year old and 20 month old down the aisle? The grandparents will be in charge of getting them down as Mr. Incredible and I are in the wedding as well and will have already walked.

Our current strategy is to have Papa at the back and Momo at the front of the church in the pew with candy in tow (a very rare treat for my kids). We got them into their tuxes for fitting by bribing them with candy corn, which neither of them had seen before. Worked like a charm.

Everyone knows what they signed up for as far as toddlers in weddings go…it is anybody’s guess what they’ll do. Just wanted to see if anyone has any helpful hints…

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