Trouble with Tofu

While I realize that there are more important topics to discuss right now, I’m asking for some quick help with preparing tofu for a family that thus far has been tofu-phobic Actually, I have had tofu before and am pretty ambivalent towards it, but my hubby and son want nothing to do with the stuff. The thing is that a couple of days ago, turned off by an unappealing and over-priced meat selection, I decided to buy a package of tofu and some beans instead of chicken and beef. Only $1.49 for a package? A third of the price of a pound of chicken sitting in cloudy pink liquid?Sounds good to me! So now, I have a package of Firm tofu (and another of extra firm) sitting in my fridge, and I’ve got to use the firm tofu by today (says the package). Help, please!! 

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