Halloween Etiquette

I am planning to send my boys out trick-or-treating tonight, but not without requirement.  They are to be polite and courteous to the people they meet, especially to those nice enough to give them treats.
I was at a Halloween event recently where out of 50 kids, I received less than a handful of “thank-you’s”.   Each time a child approached me for their candy handout, I would patiently wait to see if he/she would “wow” me with manners.  Most times I remained woefully disappointed.  I found myself looking up at the mothers with a quizzical stare, “Don’t you realize your child is supposed to show gratitude?”  
So tonight as my children (Spiderman and Superman) parade around the neighborhood, you’d better believe their vigilant mother will be listening for the coveted “thank-you’s”.  My young lads are going to learn a Halloween lesson that will hopefully stay put for years to come–politeness is of utmost importance (and it might earn you more candy!)
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