Shoes, Cake, and other Unimportant Thoughts for a Friday Morning…

On this Friday morning, here are the things that I am thinking about, in no particular order:

1) I can’t wait to see Texas Mommy and her boys this weekend for Baby J’s baptism! Yay, Baby J! Hmmm, I’d better make sure that we all have appropriate attire that fits the kids (and me!)…
2) How am I going to keep 4 kids, ages 12 months through 4 1/2 years, happy on the playground this morning? (Another mom and I are “trading kids” during parent-teacher conferences at C’s school.) Will I be able to nurse Maria while watching the other kiddos, or is this totally over-ambitious?
3) Where can I find shoes that will actually stay on little Maria’s pudgy feet? Shoes that won’t come easily off when she tugs at them, but that aren’t too difficult to wrestle onto a squirmy wormy 1 year-old? 
4) What kind of cake should I make for her one-year birthday next week? Or should it be a pie?
5) How can it be that Maria is already turning 1? Has a year really already gone by?
And that’s about it, folks 🙂 I need a cup of coffee before you’ll get any deeper thoughts out of me 🙂
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