Time for Pause

For some reason yesterday, my boys and I never ventured out of the house.  To say we were caught in some supernatural conundrum is an understatement!!  By the end of the day I found myself walking in circles without order or purpose.  It’s no wonder the TV was on more than necessary or the house looked like a tornado had passed through it.  

“Do you ever feel like quitting?” I asked my husband when he arrived home.  I think I startled him a bit by my question.  I didn’t mean it like it sounded–of course I don’t want to quit my beloved job as mother of three.  But there are definitely days when I wish I had a pause button; some miraculous means to halt whatever is going on and breathe deeply for one small moment.  I wish I could pause the disarray to create some sense of order so that something in my life felt like I had control.  
Alas, my day had very little opportunity for pause.  The kids’ naps were ill-coordinated.  My workout (saving grace) was choppy as I tended to tears and discontentment.  I fled to the computer to escape, but only found myself more behind and funky when I returned.  What was I expecting?  We were all caged beasts with no chance for socialization or energetic output!
As I strolled back from taking out the garbage last night, I drank in the night air.  It was heavenly.  And there was my answer–in cases of extreme home funkiness, GET OUTSIDE.  Even if we’re all still in our pajamas and the kids’ footies will get dirty and wet in the grass–LEAVE THE HOUSE.  Man-made luxuries can wait.  We need to get out and enjoy God’s creation.  Little boys do better on a diet of dirt, grass, and dew.  
Who says that winter must be spent cooped up?  Can’t we bundle past the chill and get some fresh air?  I have no excuse but to make it happen in the coming months.  And daily.
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